Metalagram®, the art form, was destined to go beyond the limitations of wall space. Thus, the versatile Metalagram® Mobile was born where clusters of artwork are assembled in unique configurations creating a hanging sculpture. The Metalagram® Mobile is designed and created for specific areas, suitable for both large and small spaces.

Panels are assembled in hanging configurations with the number of panels and strands varying depending on the installation space. Individual Metalagram® pieces containing metal art with or without imagery are used in accordance with the vision for the mobile. For panels without imagery, light is used to add color and enhance depth and dimension achieved through the metal art.

Each panel of the mobile is designed to rotate independently amplifying interaction between viewer and the art. Because of the multi-paneled design, the Metalagram® Mobile applies well for collaborative artwork such as the installation at Detroit Country Day Middle School.

Both elaborate and single strand installations provides a unique and useful display of the Metalagram® Mobile. Chandeliers, foyers, stairwells, atriums, and anywhere with a high ceiling are ideal destinations for installing the Metalagram® Mobile. Inquires for stunning artwork suitable for such spaces are encouraged.

While each Metalagram® Mobile is a one-of-a-kind handmade original, replicas and prints of the individual panels used are printed in limited numbers on aluminum dibond. The alu dibond replicas are a way for collectors to enjoy a portion of a museum or public piece of artwork for their business or home. For more information on the aluminum dibond replicas visit the dibond section.